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Leading the Way for a Sustainable Future

At Sani/Ikos Group we envisage a healthy planet and a thriving society for the generations to come. Promoting sustainable tourism, to the benefit of visitors, employees, and communities alike, is at the heart of our business and culture.

Through our award-winning Sani Green and Ikos Green flagship ESG programs, we strive to continuously improve our positive impact on the environment and the vulnerable ecosystems surrounding our resorts, while also providing support for local communities. Furthermore, we work tirelessly to raise awareness among all our stakeholders about sustainable tourism, supporting partners and organisations that are aligned with this goal.

Our path towards transforming tourism for a sustainable future is focused on three pillars:

1. Environmental sustainability

Investing in new technologies and advanced hotel practices, we reduce our environmental impact by minimizing use of resources, promoting green energy, following a circular economy model, and protecting local biodiversity. Our ambitious triple-zero target is to be net zero by 2030, zero single-use-plastic & zero waste-to-landfill by the end of 2024.


2. Social sustainability

We strive to create a positive impact on society by providing equal opportunities to our workforce, protecting human rights, providing support to local communities and social groups in need, and contributing to the elimination of inequalities.


3. Economic sustainability

We promote economic growth by creating jobs in local and national landscape and prioritize local sourcing, cooperating with sustainable suppliers.

READ our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

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At Sani/Ikos Group we strive to lead by example, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable hospitality with transparency and solid results


These are some of the key Group highlights for 2022.



We are proud to have received global recognition for our ESG programs and for being members of organisations striving to lead in sustainability. These are some of the awards and distinctions our initiatives have received.

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