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30 Jun 2020

Sani Resort Releases Sustainability Report, Unveiling Enhancement of Sani Green Sustainability Measures For the 2020 Season

Award-winning resort releases details of achievements and goals for ongoing commitment to environmental causes

The World’s Leading Family & Beach Resort, Sani Resort, is proud to reveal details of its latest Sustainability Report. Detailing the ongoing efforts and initiatives introduced in 2019, alongside impressive achievements, and ambitious targets for 2020 and beyond, the report showcases Sani Resort’s above and beyond commitment to sustainability via its Sani Green programme. These all-encompassing goals will ensure that guests can experience the natural wonder of Sani Resort for years to come, indulging in the five-star luxury in the knowledge that the Resort is completely eco-conscious and sustainable.

Based within a privately-owned 1000-acre reserve surrounded by pine forests, Sani Wetlands, and Blue Flag beaches, Sani Resort is an award-winning eco paradise, blessed with outstanding natural beauty, which the resort is working hard to protect. Sani Green is dedicated to preserving this natural beauty, and is made up of three pillars: hotel operations, local community outreach, and protection and enhancement of local biodiversity, all of which are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To ensure these goals are met effectively and efficiently, internal and external audits and evaluations are conducted by independent third parties on a regular basis.

Through this, Sani Resort achieved admirable results in 2019, including the ban of all single use plastics on the EU list, reduction of energy consumption by 3%, CSR actions for over 40 local Greek charities and organisations, use of 458,579 fewer plastic bottles, and 3,400 guests immersed into local nature and culture via Sani’s Eco Excursions.

Sani Resort is committed to ensuring that these achievements are built on year on year, with the following key goals and actions prioritised for 2020:

Sustainable Hotel Operations

Across Sani Resort’s five-star hotels, there is a united commitment to fight climate change and ensure all operations are as sustainable as possible. Sani Resort has pledged a zero carbon footprint within four years, which will be achieved through state-of-the-art technology to minimise C02 emissions, energy management, water management, renewable energy investment and crucially specialist training for all employees on sustainable practices.

Additionally, Sani Resort has a zero plastic goal, and a long term zero waste goal. By 2019, all single use plastics on the EU list were already banned, no plastic bags were used in markets and shops, and any plastic amenities were recycled. Despite an absence of municipality recycling services, Sani Resort has been able to introduce an effective recycling system, and now boasts over 50% recycling rates of total waste (recyclables, non-recyclables and organic waste). Employees have been trained in both waste prevention and management, and community training is offered during Sani’s EcoDays events, ensuring the local communities understand how to achieve long term sustainability for themselves.

Protection & Enhancement of Biodiversity

Sani Resort understands how important it is for guests to participate in the sustainable actions that has been introduced across the Resort. As well as being encouraged to explore the natural environment throughout their trip, guests can also enjoy special Sani Eco Trips at no extra cost. These complimentary guided excursions include bird watching (with over 225 bird species inhabiting Sani Wetlands), hiking and biking trips, and local farm visits.

Sani’s azure waters are some of the most eco-friendly in the world, with 10 Blue Flag sites awarded across the resort. Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognised eco-labels awarded to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators, compliant with 32 criteria covering everything from water quality to environmental education.

Local Community Support & Contribution

As part of Sani’s holistic sustainability programme, support and contribution to the local community is of the utmost importance. Sani’s teams deliver this through a number of local initiatives and events, including the Land of Grace local produce line, and the Sani Eco Days. These pop-up events encourage guests to support local products and producers from Halkidiki, as well as working with local conservation experts to educate guests on plastic upcycling, and local artists to run artisan workshops.

As well as incorporating local communities into the guest experience at Sani, the back of house programmes contribute to a sustainable relationship with locals. 73% of all staff at Sani Resort are local Greeks, and all are trained in sustainability, which not only promotes Sani’s current initiatives, but enhances their skills and builds career prospects. Sani supports a number of local organisations and initiatives, donating to schools, orphanages, animal charities, and environmental charities, ensuring an ongoing close relationship with the local community. As a local luxury Resort, Sani has taken on their responsibility to assist in alleviating the Syrian refugee crisis as much as possible, having donated a vehicle to the Hellenic Rescue Team last year to assist search and rescue operations, completed the renovation of a professional kitchen for Syrian refugee children in a housing facility in Thessaloniki, and hosted refugee children at the Sani Adventure Park for a special day of fun.

Sani Resort’s Sani Green programme aims to further reduce energy usage by 5% in 2020, and reduce water consumption across hotels by 5%, along with its long term goal to become Zero Carbon and Zero Waste. Through robust actions and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, guest experiences, staff education, and local outreach, Sani Resort will continue to build on their all-encompassing sustainable achievements of the 2019 report this year and beyond.

For more information on sustainability protocol and goals at Sani Resort, please find the full Sustainability Report here.

Sani Resort

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