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15 Dec 2023

Sani/Ikos Group receives honorary award for its social initiatives from the NGO “Médecins du Monde Greece”

Sani/Ikos Group supported the humanitarian missions of the NGO “Médecins du Monde Greece” in Thessaly after the devastating floods and was among the main supporters of the Open Polyclinics in Athens and Thessaloniki, providing care to Ukrainian refugees, while also supporting the "A Step Forward" Open Accommodation Center, offering shelter to vulnerable women and their children.

14 December 2023 - Sani/Ikos Group received an honorary award for its support to the humanitarian actions of “Médecins du Monde Greece” and its overall work in supporting vulnerable social groups, during an event organized by the non-governmental organization in honor of its sponsors and supporters.

Promptly responding to the call for assistance in Thessaly after the devastating floods last September, Sani/Ikos Group provided financial support to the mission of “Médecins du Monde Greece” in the affected area, during the initial phase of the crisis. The NGO medical teams visited 26 villages and communities, distributing food, basic supplies, and protective equipment to families in need. Over 500 people, mainly children and the elderly, received immediate assistance, with indirect beneficiaries exceeding 1,400. With the support of Sani/Ikos Group, “Médecins du Monde Greece” continues its social mission in the area, establishing a local office in the municipality of Palama to provide health care and psychosocial support to residents.


Watch the video showcasing “Médecins du Monde Greece” actions in Thessaly here.


Upon receiving the award, Eleni Andreadis, Sani/Ikos Group Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Director, said “It is our duty to support our fellow citizens that were affected by these biblical disasters, and we are grateful for the opportunity to consistently support the work of Médecins du Monde Greece, an organization with such significant social impact". Mrs. Andreadis added during her speech: “Climate crisis has grave impact for humanity, especially for children who are more vulnerable, both physically and mentally, to extreme weather events, pollution and contamination, geopolitical instability, and economic uncertainty caused by the various environmental problems we face. Limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius and the principles of sustainable development, as outlined by the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals, are the only way forward if we want to ensure health, safety, peace, and a better life for ourselves and our children.”


'We would like to warmly thank Sani/Ikos Group for its consistent and ongoing support of our work. The Group's contribution to Médecins du Monde Greece is invaluable for the care and support of our socially vulnerable fellow citizens. We are grateful for the collaboration we have had over the years», said Hara Tziouvara, President of “Médecins du Monde Greece”, during the event.


Sani/Ikos Group also supported the “Médecins du Monde Greece” efforts to aid Ukrainian refugees, being among the main supporters of the Open Polyclinics in Athens and Thessaloniki, providing medical services to the tens of thousands of families fleeing the conflict. Additionally, the Group has provided financial support to the Open Accommodation Center “A Step Forward", offering shelter to vulnerable women and their children.


Enhanced social action due to urgent needs


To support society and vulnerable social groups, a key pillar of its flagship sustainability programs, Sani Green and Ikos Green, Sani/Ikos Group designs a series of initiatives and actions on a yearly basis, responding to emerging or even urgent social needs, such as the case of the floods in Thessaly.


In 2022, due to increased needs, Sani/Ikos Group significantly enhanced its social action, doubling the relevant funding. The Group allocated half million euros to support the social and humanitarian work of more than 40 organizations caring for children, women, and families - from schools and hospitals to NGOs, such as the Network for Children's Rights, Together for Children, Make a Wish Foundation, and Médecins du Monde Greece.


The Group also took significant action to support Ukrainian refugees. Among other actions, it funded the food missions through the Emergency Food Fund for Ukraine of the Food Bank (a total of 7 missions with over 54 tons of food) and offered employment in its hotels and free accommodation to 300 Ukrainian refugees and their families.


Sani/Ikos Group’s sustainability strategy focuses on three main pillars: the sustainable operations of its resorts, based on the principles of climate neutrality, circular economy and protection of ecosystems, the positive impact on society, with equal growth opportunities for its people and substantial support for local communities, and the positive impact on the economy by creating jobs and supporting local production.


About Sani/Ikos Group

The Sani/Ikos Group is an innovative and fast-growing group of luxury resorts in unique beachfront locations in the Mediterranean. Under the brand names Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts, the Group develops, owns and operates over 3,450 rooms and suites spread across 12 unique resorts in Greece and Spain, all ranked amongst the best luxury resorts in the world. The Group has secured additional projects of almost 1,000 rooms, suites and villas for further expansion of the Ikos brand in Greece (Crete) and Portugal (Algarve), while new destinations are being added in the pipeline. The Sani/Ikos Group aims to continue expanding the Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts brands in Greece and abroad, delivering unparalleled guest hospitality and experiences, as well as creating growth opportunities for its people, significant benefits for the ecosystems surrounding its resorts and value for its investors. As a leader in sustainable hospitality, the Group has an ambitious ESG agenda and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact. For more information, visit 

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