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25 Oct 2023

Sani/Ikos Group leads the way in Sustainable Tourism across the Mediterranean

ESG Report 2022: All Group Resorts are carbon neutral & rely on 100% electricity from green sources - 100% increase in monetary spending for social initiatives and charities – over 30% increase in the participation of women in senior management positions

Sani/Ikos Group published its annual ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Report for 2022 to inform all stakeholders and interested parties, recording significant performance and outstanding results in environmental protection, contribution to society and corporate governance.


This year's report presents, through financial and other data, the results of all Group initiatives and projects implemented in the framework of its flagship sustainability programmes, Sani Green and Ikos Green, focusing on three strategic pillars: the sustainable operations of its hotels, Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts based on the principles of climate neutrality, circular economy and protection of ecosystems, the positive impact on society, with equal growth opportunities for its people and substantial support for local communities, and the positive impact on the economy by creating jobs and supporting local production.


"Sustainability is a compass for the development of tourism and hospitality businesses. It is a global priority and a demand from all stakeholders: investors, regulators, employees, and customers alike, who require progress and proof of evidence for our environmental performance, our initiatives towards social inclusion and well-being, our transparency. At Sani/Ikos Group, sustainability has been integral part of our strategy and our everyday operations for over 15 years. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, our vision is to pave the way for sustainable tourism across the Mediterranean, making Greece a global benchmark for sustainable hospitality", said Eleni Andreadis, Sani/Ikos Group ESG Executive Director.


Sani/Ikos Group is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, having received numerous significant global distinctions and certifications for its sustainability programs (e.g., ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 50001:2018, Travelife, Green Key International, 10 Blue Flags).


Download the full Sani/Ikos Group ESG Report 2022 here

Sani/Ikos Group resorts in the Mediterranean set standards of sustainable operations


Sani/Ikos Group is a pioneer in sustainable operations, in areas such as energy, water and waste management, having set an ambitious triple target to achieve net zero by 2030, zero single-use plastics and zero waste-to-landfill by the end of 2024 - areas in which the Group made significant inroads during 2022.

All Sani and Ikos resorts in Greece and Spain are carbon neutral and are powered by energy from 100% renewable sources with guarantees of origin, having obtained relevant certifications (ISO 14064-1:2018, ISO 50001:2018). The Group's carbon strategy includes a set of initiatives with a 2030 horizon, such as significant investments in renewable energy sources, energy saving systems, electrification of facilities and fleet. A new photovoltaic plant was created this year in Kos Island, to provide "green" energy to Ikos Aria, while in collaboration with the Greek Forest Research Institute, a project was launched to assess the carbon sink of the Sani Forest in Halkidiki and study ways to increase it.

Significant progress was also recorded in the field of circular economy. Single-use-plastics were reduced by 70% in all Sani/Ikos Group hotels, compared to 2018, while the Group's performance in recycling of materials (there are over 20 recycling streams, with sorting at source) improved by more than 20% year-on-year, reaching 70% in glass, 80% in paper and 100% in hazardous materials. All wastewater was reused - through special treatment – for irrigation, and drastic measures were taken to address water leaks in real time. Furthermore, the Group employed advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to eliminate food waste in the kitchens.

Numerous initiatives to protect local ecosystems

Protecting the vulnerable Mediterranean ecosystems and promoting ecotourism among its guests, is a key pillar of the Sani/Ikos Group's sustainability strategy. The Group collaborates with scientific institutes and NGOs to protect the natural environment and the animal populations around its hotels.

· In collaboration with the Hellenic Ornithological Society, it protects the 225 species of birds - many of them endangered - nesting at the Sani wetlands and has developed special bird watching activities for visitors.

· It supports the iSea organization whose mission is to record and protect dolphin populations in the Thermaikos Gulf.

· In collaboration with Bee Camp, the Group has created the first interactive Bee Spot in Greece, dedicated to the protection of bees and other pollinators.

· It implements vaccination, sterilization and adoption programs for stray animals, in cooperation with various animal welfare organizations.

In 2022, guest participation in Sani and Ikos Resorts’ eco-excursions and activities more than doubled compared to 2021– an indication that travelers are more and more interested in ecotourism.

Supporting society and the economy - special focus on employees

Sani/Ikos Group consistently supports and actively invests in local communities, responding promptly to emerging or urgent social needs.

In 2022, the Group doubled its monetary spending for social contribution, providing support to more than 40 NGOS and associations that care for vulnerable children and families. Among other projects, it provided employment and free accommodation to 300 Ukrainian refugees and their families, and worked with the Network for Children’s Rights, bringing their “mobile library” program to over forty classrooms and 800 students in primary schools close to Group hotels. In addition, under the concept of 'Share More, Waste Less' from Sani Resort and the corresponding 'Less to Pack, More to Give' from Ikos Resorts, the Group invites its guests from around the world to contribute to the 'donation baskets' initiative by offering items they no longer need, such as clothing, toys, etc., for families in need.

A long-term supporter of the local economy, the Group prioritizes the local labor market and production. More than 60% of its 7,200 employees in Greece and Spain come from the local labor market, while most of its supplies come from local and domestic producers, with sustainability criteria.

The principles of inclusion and equality are key to Sani/Ikos Group's work culture and ethics. In 2022, the percentage of women in senior management positions increased by more than 30%, while monetary spending for employee training and growth increased by almost 50%.

Watch here the video "Transforming Tourism for a Sustainable Future" showcasing the Group's significant work in the field of sustainability.

About Sani/Ikos Group

The Sani/Ikos Group is an innovative and fast-growing group of luxury resorts in unique beachfront locations in the Mediterranean. Under the brand names Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts, the Group develops, owns and operates over 3,450 rooms and suites spread across 12 unique resorts in Greece and Spain, all ranked amongst the best luxury resorts in the world. The Group has secured additional projects of almost 1,000 rooms, suites and villas for further expansion of the Ikos brand in Greece (Crete) and Portugal (Algarve), while new destinations are being added in the pipeline. The Sani/Ikos Group aims to continue expanding the Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts brands in Greece and abroad, delivering unparalleled guest hospitality and experiences, as well as creating growth opportunities for its people, significant benefits for the ecosystems surrounding its resorts and value for its investors. As a leader in sustainable hospitality, the Group has an ambitious ESG agenda and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact. For more information, visit 

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