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13 Feb 2024

Sani/Ikos Group Awarded for Innovative Sustainable Supply Chain Practices at National Procurement Awards 2024

09 February 2024 - Sani/Ikos Group received a significant distinction for its environmentally and socially responsible practices and advanced ESG and safety processes throughout its supply chain, during the 2024 National Procurement Awards by the Hellenic Institute of Procurement. The Group clinched the title in the "Procurement Environmental & Social Impact" category, highlighting excellence and innovation in businesses' "green" procurement.


A leader in sustainable tourism across the Mediterranean, Sani/Ikos Group has meticulously designed its entire supply chain, from raw materials to guest amenities, and hotel equipment, with high quality standards and sustainability criteria in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions, plastic and chemical use, waste management, and more. Through the sustainable procurement initiatives of its Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts, the Group aims to actively contribute to environmental protection, support local communities, and promote ethical corporate governance principles, essential pillars of its strategy for a better and more sustainable future.


In this context, Sani/Ikos Group consistently prioritizes suppliers with certified or committed carbon emission reductions, based on international certifications and standards such as the ISO 14001, ISO 22OOO, ISO 50001. With an ambitious net-zero target for 2030, the Group begins to measure scope III carbon emissions, related to its entire supply chain, while also developing plastic-free or biodegradable packaging solutions, in collaboration with its suppliers, with the aim to eliminate single-use plastics by the end of 2024. Special focus is also placed on reducing waste, through reduction practices (purchasing unpackaged products, requesting recyclable packaging, etc.) and recycling of all remaining packaging. Additionally, all Group resorts have switched to eco-friendly or biodegradable cleaning products, certified with the EU EcoLabel, in order to abolish environmentally harmful chemicals.


Supporting the local economy and market is a key pillar of the Sani/Ikos Group sustainability programs. Over 50% of the products and services sourced by Sani and Ikos resorts come from local farmers, producers, and businesses, within 100mile radius, with localization contributing to reducing carbon emissions related to transportation, while also enriching travelers' experiences.

The Group evaluates all its suppliers based on a set of criteria covering not only quality, safety, and environmental management but also issues related to respecting labor rights, inclusion, transparency, fair compensation, and providing a safe working environment for employers.  


More information about the Group's sustainability initiatives is available in the 2022 ESG Report.

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