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1 Mar 2019

Rafa Nadal Joins Sani Resort, Greece for 2019

Sani Resort and Rafa Nadal are proud to announce Greece’s first Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre when the hotel opens for the season this April.

Guests of all ages and levels can learn to play tennis like a pro on one of eight brand new clay courts, with expert coaches on hand to provide tailormade programmes, crafted and developed by Rafa Nadal and his coaching staff. Knowledge is power and Sani Resort is determined to provide the highest training standards possible. Each tennis coach has been through extensive training at the Rafa Nadal Training Academy in Mallorca, promising the training that is passed on to guests is worthy of a Grand Slam title.

The tennis programmes will cover everything from Nadal’s technical skills and physical preparation, to his personal values and mental training, based on Nadal’s professional tennis experience over the past 15 years.

Talking of the new partnership, Rafa Nadal has said: “I’m very happy that we are officially announcing the opening of a new Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in Greece as it consolidates the Academy’s global expansion project. I would like to thank Sani Resort for the trust it has placed in our team; I’m sure this partnership will be a success, particularly for tennis fans, who I would like to invite to come and enjoy this wonderful facility, starting from April”.

For his part, CEO of Sani Resort, Dr Andreadis, has said, “We are thrilled to open a new Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre for 2019. Here at Sani, we pride ourselves on offering our guests unique experiences and what could be greater than leaving with lifelong skills practised by Grand Slam-winning tennis legend Rafa Nadal himself? This year we are excited to invite our guests to enjoy a brand-new experience at Sani, whilst still indulging in some rest and relaxation when visiting the resort”.

The new tennis development will enhance Sani Resort’s already exceptional sports facilities, which to date include: a partnership with Chelsea FC Foundation launched in 2018; a recently added KTM bike club; a water-ski academy taught by instructors certified by British Water Ski & Wakeboard; and a sailing academy which offers intensive nine-hour courses with professional instructors.

This new offering promises an exciting year ahead for Sani Resort, and the team looks forward to welcoming new and regular faces to this well-loved family destination this summer.

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