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19 Jan 2024

Ikos Resorts unveils global campaign, celebrating unique Greek Philoxenia

Sani/Ikos Group launches a compelling new worldwide campaign for its Ikos brand, celebrating unique Greek hospitality or Philoxenia – the driving force of the Ikos hospitality model since the brand’s launch in Greece and Spain. With the message "Discover Philoxenia", campaign highlights the archetypal values of Greek hospitality and Mediterranean wellbeing that the group has championed across the globe

Watch the new Ikos Resorts campaign here.

The new global campaign for Ikos Resorts, the award-winning, luxury all-inclusive hotels of the Sani/Ikos Group across the Mediterranean, is an ode to unparalleled Greek hospitality -deeply rooted in antiquity- which is at the core of the Ikos philosophy since the brand’s launch. With the key message “Discover Philoxenia", the impressive campaign that launched earlier this year showcases the DNA and values of the exceptional Greek Philoxenia promoted globally by the Sani/Ikos Group, the first Greek hospitality group to expand its footprint across borders. The key concept of the campaign is that visitors to Ikos Resorts (“ikos” deriving from the ancient Greek word "οἶκος") arrive as guests and leave as friends, enjoying the seamless Ikos service responding to their every need, creating strong bonds with the personnel and the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, embracing the culture of each destination.


The campaign captures the warmth and care of the unique Ikos Resorts' hospitality. It portrays guests from around the world, all feeling at home as they experience the unique Ikos services, gastronomy, and outdoor activities, with sustainability as an overarching philosophy.


“This is the DNA and true meaning of Philoxenia, born in Greece. Making people feel like they belong here, no matter where they come from", says Paolo Tubito, Chief Marketing Officer, Sani/Ikos Group. "With this new Ikos brand campaign, running globally, we wish to capture the unique stories of our visitors. Their happiness when they enjoy our top-quality services and connect with the beautiful Mediterranean destinations. The warm family care they experience every day interacting with our staff. And through our guests' stories, our aim is to showcase the modern face of the renowned Greek hospitality (pholoxenia), leaving our mark on the growth of luxury tourism in Greece and across the Mediterranean".


Ikos Resorts Redefines Luxury All-Inclusive Vacations


Sani/Ikos Group introduced the Ikos Resorts model in 2015 with a vision to create high-standard destinations in stunning Mediterranean seaside locations. The resorts offer five-star facilities and services, all included in guest packages, and, above all, unparalleled hospitality. Today, the group owns and operates seven Ikos resorts in Greece (Halkidiki, Corfu, Kos) and Spain (Marbella-Estepona, Mallorca). Plans for expanding the Ikos brand to other destinations in Greece and Portugal are underway.


As highlighted in the new campaign, the Ikos Resorts hospitality model is based on the pioneering concept of unconditional luxury. Guests can enjoy exceptional amenities such as menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, a selection of 300 wine labels from around the world, luxury beauty products, 24-hour room service, kids' clubs, and family activities. Guests can explore local cuisine with the "Ikos Dine Out" service, as well as discover each destination through the complimentary "Local Drive Adventure" service - driving Tesla cars, hiking in nature, and exploring museums with free admission. Ikos hotels are famous for their warm hospitality. The Ikos brand has achieved No. 1 ranking in TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice “Best All-Inclusive” category over the past five years. The group has received numerous international accreditations and awards for its hotels, many of which recognizing its initiatives towards sustainable growth.

When it comes to sustainability and responsible tourism, Ikos Resorts remains a strong leader, consistently investing in corporate social responsibility programs and sustainable practices. Initiatives include carbon neutrality, zero waste to landfill, the elimination of single-use plastics, and actions to protect local ecosystems and support local communities.


For more information about Ikos Resorts, visit here: 

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