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11 Sept 2023

A successful launch for HOSPITALITY FORWARD, the new training program for career in tourism

A collaboration between the Sani/Ikos Hospitality Group and the AKMI Educational Group

Registrations have started for the new training program HOSPITALITY FORWARD, an initiative of the Sani/Ikos hospitality Group and the AKMI educational Group, with great participation from all over Greece. HOSPITALITY FORWARD offers studies of international standards and prestige, as well as guaranteed employment and career opportunities at Sani/Ikos Group resorts across Greece and the Mediterranean.

The courses for the 2023-24 academic year will start in October and will focus on the fields of Culinary Specialist (Chef) and Hotel Services Executive. The innovative HOSPITALITY FORWARD programme offers 150 hours of experiential training - in addition to the standard training programme that has been certified by the Ministry of Education - which is fully funded by the Sani/Ikos Group.

As part of their training, students will specialize in emerging areas of the luxury hospitality industry, a sector with significant growth in Greece and the wider Mediterranean region. The HOSPITALITY FORWARD program focuses on new trends in gastronomy and guest servicing, advanced tools for personalized hospitality, services related to ecotourism, but also on new areas such as sustainable development and responsible tourism, areas in which the Sani/Ikos Group has invested significantly over the last 15 years. The instructors of the training program are distinguished professionals and lecturers in the tourism sector.

At the end of the training program, all students will receive a graduation bonus of €1,000, while from the very first semester of their studies they will sign an employment contract with Sani/Ikos Group and kick-start their career in one of the fastest growing hospitality groups across the Mediterranean.

“Luxury hospitality is among the most innovative, fastest growing, and attractive -for international investors- tourism sectors in Greece, creating significant opportunities for sustainable financial growth, as well as increased requirements for properly trained personnel. The dynamic growth of Greek tourism, as a key pillar of the economy, requires drastic measures with the aim to enhance employment in areas such as customer servicing and catering, areas in which we have witnessed significant labor shortages especially in the post-COVID era that has reshaped the global labor market. The joint initiative and partnership of Sani/Ikos Group and the AKMI educational group, a leader in the field of education and professional training, to create a bridge between high quality education and employment - for the first time in Greece – is a swift and targeted response to the increased demand for highly qualified professionals. The students of the HOSPITALITY FORWARD program will have guaranteed employment in Sani/Ikos Group resorts, as well as significant growth opportunities in the important field of luxury tourism", said Dr. Andreas Andreadis, CEO and Co-Managing Partner of the Sani/Ikos Group.


“We are launching a pioneering, unique collaboration with Sani/Ikos Group, leading hospitality group in Greece with international growth. Together, we have designed an innovative training program that offers tremendous added value to the studies of the AKMI School of Tourism and brings competitive advantages to our graduates. Collaborating with the biggest brands and organizations in the market as well as avidly responding to the ever-changing needs of the employment sector have been at the core of our strategy and efforts for many years now. In a highly competitive, rapidly growing and particularly critical sector for the Greek economy, such as tourism, our partnership with Sani/Ikos Group will bring significant benefits to our students, such as top-level specialization in the globally emerging luxury hospitality sector and immediate job opportunities in a leading hospitality group", said Konstantinos Rodopoulos, Chairman of the Mitropolitiko-AKMI educational group.


All training sessions of the HOSPITALITY FORWARD programme are exclusively carried out at the award winning IEK AKMI facilities, while the experiential sessions take place at the Sani Resort and Ikos Resorts hotels in Greece. Registrations for the HOSPITALITY FORWARD training program continue at:

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